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Norway House gallery presents Dewey Thorbeck: An Architect”™s Sketches

January 18 – February 9, 2020 at 913 East Franklin Av.

An Architect”™s Travel Sketches takes you on a watercolor journey around the world with Norway House”™s architect, Dewey Thorbeck. From the Spit Harbour shops in Homer, Alaska to Machu Picchu in Peru, to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway””to beautiful places that have a “strong and close integration of people, architecture, and landscape.” The exhibit will also feature Thorbeck”™s sketches and plans for Norway House”™s expansion, on schedule to break ground Fall 2020. A house on Elliott Av was demolished recently to continue clearing land for the new building.

Architect, Dewey Thorbeck was the guest of honor on January 17th, opening a display of his travel sketches and designs for Norway House”™s expansion. Thorbeck”™s work as an artist and an architect is deeply dedicated to the interplay between humans, structures, and nature. In a statement regarding his philosophy and approach to his work, Thorbeck explains:

“The making of place, path, and shelter is rooted in the spirit of humans and is the basis for architecture. Thorbeck Architects believe architecture is more than building and focuses on the making of places, through a participatory process that helps people connect with their environment. It is the strength of these connections ”“ natural, cultural and historical ”“ that measures the success of the architecture. The spirit of a place exists in the feelings that people generate about it. Without people, there would be no architecture. A beautiful building can evoke an emotional response, but a beautiful building that is part of nature is poetic.”

COURTESY NORWAY HOUSE Norway House, 913 East Franklin Av, took a huge step forward toward the building of their expansion with the demolition of a duplex on Elliott south of where the Laundromat on East Franklin was before it, too was demolished. Norway House annual Ginger Bread House Gallery Show this year included a Ginger Bread House of the building for which preparations are being made.

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