Thursday July 7th 2022

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The Elders Have Spoken

Peter Molenaar


Little Earth, Phillips Community Center, Ebenezer Towers on Portland and Park Avenues, and Anderson Community School ”“ for the Phillips Neighborhood, these were the Primary Vote polling places. Thanks to the volunteers who made it happen, those who had navigated the information overload were privileged to exercise their right. It can now be said with certainty: the elders have spoken.

To his credit, Joe Biden shook many hands in South Carolina. African Americans, especially the elders, bore witness to his having played second fiddle to President Obama, and trust him not to play a treasonous game with mass bigotry. Moreover, many believe Biden to be the likely candidate to defeat Donald Trump.
(We are not in a revolutionary situation at this time!)

From the standpoint of our ”˜Popular Front”™, looking back, many were initially drawn to the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth was recognized as perhaps the first person to wrap a mind around the 2008 financial crisis. She formulated and implemented a policy to reign in the criminal elements of the financial sector. Power to her. Right? Truthfully, when Bernie Sanders entered the race, many of us were conflicted.

To be sure, Bernie is our best agitator. Free college education? That was implemented by the first socialist country about a century ago. Medicare for all? Let”™s catch up with Europe and save a lot of money (Elizabeth agrees). Cut the bloated military budget? Please. Green New Deal? We can”™t live without it.

Break up the big banks? Well, personally”¦ I suggest we nationalize and socialize our entire financial infrastructure (hey, nobody is perfect). Nonetheless, I was proud to attend the Labor for Bernie Rally at the CWA 7200 Union Hall, down on 3521 E. Lake Street.

However, once again: the Elders have spoken. Despite every grievance and criticism, we have to unite. But, do not doubt for one moment that the youthful social democratic spirit will continue to develop, evolve, and ultimately prevail.

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