Wednesday July 6th 2022

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LOST 2020: Laypeople”™s Outdoor Sculpture Trail

A perfectly appointed tiny table and chairs. Tiny ice cubes. Tiny potato. Photo: BEN HEATH


Are you finding yourself with time in your hands? Are you looking for ways to harness your Power?
If your answer was “yes,” then please join us in creating the Laypeople”™s Outdoor Sculpture Trail!

You and your household will create a sculpture to display in a prominent outdoor location at your residence. Then, we at LOST will generate a map of sites where sculptures are located. The map will be posted online and delivered to your mailbox by LOST upon request.

Please submit your intent to sculpt as a direct message to Sam Molstad and include the address of where your sculpture will be located. The map will be posted and distribution began April 11th.

Why not?

We at LOST thank you in advance for your participation in this community building event designed with appropriate social distancing techniques in mind.
Check this event and our website at for updates.

Report by BEN HEATH
April 11th was the first day of the first South Minneapolis Laypeople”™s Outdoor Sculpture Trail (LOST). Organized by Phillips neighborhood resident, Sam Molstad, non-sculptors across South Minneapolis displayed their creations in their front yards. Many folks made art from recycled, found, and natural materials including tree fungus, broken tiles, car jacks, holiday decorations, a potato, and holey tights. Sculptures are up through April and into May.

There is a facebook event page, and a google map of all the locations. So far there are 12 sites, some of them have more than one sculpture (or so much stuff in their yards it is hard to tell! ha!) It will be updated as sculptures are added/ removed.

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