Wednesday July 6th 2022

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Please Make Minnesota PPE


There is a well-known shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the United States. Minnesotans and our fellow countrymen in the other 49 states are suffering because of the shortages of PPE. No employee should go without PPE. No child returning to school in the fall should be without clean and safe daily PPE. No one is expendable or worthless; all human beings should be valued.

One solution to Minnesota”™s and America”™s PPE shortage would be to invest in making PPE in Minnesota. There are a few options to make Minnesota-made PPE a reality. The first option would be to use the tax code to create incentives to investors to build PPE manufacturing plants in Minnesota. The second would be to establish a public-private partnership. The third would be for the State of Minnesota to build and operate its own PPE plant. The fourth would be for Minnesota and its neighbors to pool their talents and resources to create a multi-state organization that would utilize regional investments in time, talent, and treasure to create PPE.

The aforementioned options are suggestions to fix an ongoing problem this summer. History has shown us that the 1918 pandemic came in waves and that the first wave was not the most fatal. Minnesotans should be aware of the history of 1918 and willing to put shortage solutions into place now. United, we can produce enough PPE for all of our needs, and any surplus PPE could be sold to other states and to Canada.

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