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Thursday June 20th 2024

Raise Your Voice: Commentary Honor The Community”™s Vision Of A Better World. Please!

Our Righteous Community


Note: In the realm of politics and leadership, the designation of “opportunist” intends a pejorative, i.e., it describes a person whose self-interest supersedes the longterm benefit of the whole.

By now, every reader of “the alley” newspaper, is aware that governance of Minneapolis intends to demolish the Roof Depot building which rests directly across the from Smith Foundry, and kitty-corner from the Bituminous Roadways Company asphalt plant on East 28th Street. Actually, the demolition has secretly commenced, out of sight, within the walls. The intent is to create a staging ground for the city”™s fleet of industrial trucks, many diesel, and their water and sewer pipes. In reality, this plan is a mean spirited slap to our face.

Hey, community activists have invested no small sum of time and money to draw up an alternative plan. Their plan, our plan, envisions green jobs, organic food, low rent housing, and more. But, no more pollution in this already over burdened neighborhood! Park the diesel truck fleet where foundry and asphalt fumes are not in the mix! UPHOLD THE FUTURE OF THE CHILDREN OF LITTLE EARTH!

It gets deeper”¦
Presently, despite the pandemic and the heat of summer, Smith Foundry workers continue to make molds from sand, pour molten iron, process and ship castings. Why? Because there are military contracts involved, and these workers are deemed “essential” by the federal government. Pray for them, please. Recent science has revealed that COVID-19 attaches to fine dust”¦ iron foundries are dusty places.

and deeper”¦
The Roof Depot building and parking lot encapsulates ARSENIC and slows the movement toward the Mississippi River of the arsenic-laced groundwater, samples from which register 700 times above the level deemed to be “safe”. Should this site be reduced to rubble and ARSENIC DUST? What fate awaits?

I have personally appealed for intervention from the Teamsters Union. Karen Clark, Jeff Hayden, and others are working the state legislature to STOP THIS MADNESS. TakeActionMn and Mn350 are on notice. Astutely, in an article in “the alley”, Clyde Bellecourt has appealed to Keith Ellison, our Attorney General.

Hear us, please. The arrogance of a city government cannot be allowed to threaten the lives of workers, children, and neighbors who ARE deemed””and who SHOULD BE deemed””“essential to the nation.” Issue an injunction: CEASE AND DESIST!

Grant us a moment of respite during which certain city council persons might revisit their “conflicts of interest” and “retributions.”

Raise Your Voice

“My father, age 99 years,
passed away
May 19th, Covid-19.
Through a window, I witnessed the
nurse offer oral morphine.
His lips moved slightly as
she whispered in his ear”¦”

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