Thursday September 29th 2022

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“CLASS of 2020: You Carry the Legacy of Resilience. We Know You Will Deliver!”

South High School 2020 Graduate Lawn signs designed by the Graduate Recognition Committee, purchased by South High Foundation, and delivered to graduate”™s homes by teacher and staff volunteers following strict distancing protocol. March 16 was the final day of classes, after schools were ordered closed; and May 13 was the first day signs were distributed. Commencement was virtually streamed online, and broadcast on MPS Ch. 15, June 1, 8 p.m. Photo: SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL FACEBOOK

To the South High Class of 2020:

Even before the circumstances of the present day, you carry the legacy of resilience. You were all born shortly before or shortly after the events of 9-11-2001. You have experienced two recessions, three presidential elections of astounding historical significance, the emergence of social media, and as South High scholars, you have always been at the fore of social awareness. Your class has further raised the social consciousness of climate change and social justice issues, as well as the de-stigmatization of mental health issues. It has been said that because you are Minneapolis South High graduates, much will be expected from you. We know you will deliver!

With pride and highest regards,
Your South High Educators


Congratulations 2020 Students and Educators!

2020 South High School Graduates from Phillips Community:

Heidi Abad-Yadaicela
Nesri Abdi
Rahmo Abdi
Khatab Abdulkadir
Gedion Abera
Kafia Aboubaker
Adna Abukar
Anas Abukar
Anab Adam
Nimo Aden
Cristhian Aguilar Dominguez
Amran Ahmed
Hamze Ahmed
Nejma Ahmed
Niman Ahmed
Shoueib Ahmed
Brandon Alarcon Villa
Alena Almanza
De”™Von Anderson
Anayeli Andrade-Vera
Yulisa Andrade-Vera
Jennifer Aniceto Dominguez
Jose Aragon Rodriguez
Carla Aranda Quiroz
Cristian Ayavaca Sanchez
Tarek Azzazi
Teresa Baker
Enrique Balero Galicia
Ana Barrios Tajonar
Mohamed Barud
Abdulahi Bashir
Britney Birch
Sahara Bourasa
Julian Branden
Annika Brown
Adriana Carreno
Ella Cates
Arlet Centeno Navarro
Hans Christopherson
Keegan Conlee
Arie Copley-Radder
Jessica Culhane
Ruby Davenport
Nyla Day Mccoy
Jadin Decora
Karla Delgado
Selina Dominguez Hernandez
Amelie Doying
Joel Espinoza Saldivar
Ugbad Farah
Betselot Frauenheim Danke
Tigist Frauenheim Danke
Victor Galicia Tapia
Maria Genis Lopez
Alizey Gervais
Christian Gil Pliego
Vanessa Gonzalez Valdez
Elijah Grathwol
Daniel Gubrud
Owen Guindon
Nafie Hassan
Seamus Hegarty
Alexander Hernandez Olivera
Clifton Hollow
Tannen Holt
Felix Steve Iaa
Thomas Isebrand
Mohamed Isse
Julian Jacobson
Absher Jama
Brian Jaramillo Ojeda
Brian Jaramillo Ojeda
Noa Johnson
Fadumo Khuriye
Sophia Leonhardt
Jalonda Lewis
Claire Lind
Ethan Madden
Mahamed Mahamed
Ferdowsa Mahamud
Maribel Martinez Sercas
Arielle Mary
Maxwell Mcdonough
Sylence Mckinnie
Brenda Meza Torres
Fatuma Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed
Zakaria Mohamed
Aisha Mohamud
Naima Muhumed
Iqra Mursal
Jude Nair
Todd Nathan
Joshua Neuhauser
Juan Niola Jara
Sundus Noor
Cecilia O”™Connor
Johnatan Ortega Jaimes
Raul Ortiz
John Osborn
Ella Parish
Jessica Perez Reinoso
Jackky Phiravanh
Esperanza Ponce Delgado
Emely Quintero Silverio
William Quito
Luca Raffo-Simoes
Tianna Ramirez
Kayla Redden
Luciana Rian-Senna
Casandra Rojas Hernandez
Josaiah Rushing
Brian Saldivar Villafan
Saul Santamaria-Castillo
Stacia Schirber
Soren Sidorfsky
Gabriella Simmons
Silas Sosa
Mia Swanson
Daycie Thunderhawk
Jilda Toribio-Montecinos
Phillip Truong
Giant Vang
Kayla Vang
Lillybeth Vasquez Vail
Ruben Vences Baron
James Warren
Anthony Malachi Weaver
Joseph White
Matthew Whitlock
Leon Wong
Anjilee Yale
Hailey Yellow
Ayan Yusuf
Ayanle Yusuf
Mario Zamora Pineda
Blanca Zuniga Olivera
Norma Zuniga Olivera

Congratulations and Commentaries continue in “the alley” July issue. Graduates and Schools, please send Names and Comments to

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