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What is Black is Real Black Manhood

By Minkara Tezet, Griot of Psychology and Psychiatry, Cultural Wellness Center

I thought of you last night. I heard your voice.  I heard your voice cry out through the veil.  You are a real Black Man.  You are the being that was called into being so long ago, Kem. You are he who was the first greeter of the Creator.  It was you who saw this face first.  What are you? Where did you come from and what made you? I am listening to this voice.  I am listening to you.  I am hearing Tefnut.  I hear her through these tears. She is the moisture that moistens the ground that is you. 

You are Kem and Geb. She is the waters that flow from the first time and she is in you, too. 

She is pushing through for you.  I am thinking of you. I am thinking of myself. I am thinking of the Black Man and all that it means to be him. All the pressure it feels to be Kem.  Kem is the Black. 

He is you. And he is me, too. 

I am crying to soothe this heat and this fire I feel for the conditions we find ourselves in. Personally, I want to burn all of this shit down and start over.  But my emotional connection to the rains and to the healing power of Tefnut won”™t let me cause this pain.  She is pushing through and she is calling to you. She is asking each of us to allow the tears to flow so that her healing powers can show. 

She is healing me.  I hope you can see the tears I am crying for you, the Black Man. I hope you can see the tears I am shedding for myself. I feel the pressure it is to be you. I feel the pressure that makes us want to let Shu lose. I feel the pressure that drives the impulse over our use of fire and pain. Shu is the fire of the first time that also burns inside of you. Shu is the ancestor that you have allowed to come through and at times if left unchecked Shu will burn you, too. 

We are witnessing murders in the street and unchecked fire burning as we are no longer able to feel the waters of Tefnut pushing through.  We have emotional dams holding her back. We want to release. But it is not in us to share the tears we have with the world publicly. So, I am releasing my tears onto these sheets. To be a Black Man is to balance who we are and what we be.  To be a Black Man means to be someone who is complementary. We complement the divine feminine we are presencing.  If she is fly, we fly, too.  If she rises, we rise, too.

November 14, 2019 ”“ Minkara Tezet (Excepted from What is Black is Real Black Manhood)

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