Wednesday June 7th 2023

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The Forest Through the Trees

Raise Your Voice 


Folks from this part of the world are familiar with the “signers” who regularly occupy every niche at the intersection of Franklin and Cedar avenues. For some, it is a desperate way to “make ends meet”, while others panhandle for their next “fix” of heroin. Normally, I avoid eye contact. Hey, the new land lord raised my rent by over $300.00. Social Security, plus a union pension and one “odd job” barely covers expenses. So, I grow and sell vegetables in the summer months. 

One day”¦ 

From his post at the intersection, a young mixed blood man beckoned. I recognized him from the community garden”™s homeless camp. Window down, I elaborated my refusal to support the heroin trade. Then, while rubbing the site of his war wound, he explained that he was in constant pain and hoped to be admitted to a methadone program. This soldier reminded me of the guardsmen who had been deployed to protect the grocery at 26th Street”¦ so polite and respectful. He accepted a squash from the back of my truck. 

Back to the Peace Garden”¦ 

A hefty “two spirit” person was absconding with the fruits of my labor. I won the battle of words. She won the fruit. “Workers and Oppressed People Unite” sometimes ain”™t easy. However, the main threat to our collective existence comes from “above”, not from “below”. 

Fascism, an inherent tendency within the capitalist system, has emerged now as a visible trend. It is a movement which fosters a union of all social classes (including a section of the working-class) with the most greedy, racist, and imperialistic section of the capitalists. As such, fascism constitutes a reactionary right-wing “popular-front”. Naturally, the left must respond with its own popular-front, i.e., the campaign of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

How to soothe the “ultra-left”? 

Hey, the relationship of forces exists in motion. Presently, we remain in the quantitative phase of the ”˜revolutionary process”™ which, in due time, will culminate in a “revolutionary situation”. Said another way: in the not so distant future, the national interest will be unresolvable under the present order. Only then, will public ownership of finance and industry commence with the people”™s consent. To recognize this ”˜dialectic”™, one must “see the forest through the trees”. Cast your vote appropriately, please.

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