Tuesday July 5th 2022

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Abbott Northwestern Hospital Campus Renewal Project is About to Begin

Plan for new promenade along the Greenway between Chicago Avenue and Elliot Avenue (courtesy Allina Health)

Allina Health”™s Abbott Northwestern Hospital is about to kick-off a multi- year campus renewal project that will help us transform our facilities
and prepare to provide patient care for at least the next 50 years. Abbott
Northwestern has been a part of this neighborhood for more than 138 years
and we intend to stay and invest in our facilities in this community. We
are also abiding by the Covenant – the agreement that was made with the
residents of the Phillips neighborhood many years ago – and will not buy any additional residential property in order Abbott Northwestern Hospital Campus Renewal Project is About to Begin to expand the campus. Before we improve patient care areas at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, we need to complete two critical infrastructure updates. We need to build a new Central Utility Plant (CUP) near 26th Street and Chicago Avenue. The CUP will replace the hospital”™s old energy and steam producing equipment with more reliable and energy-efficient technology. This equipment is essential to running both Abbott Northwestern and Children”™s hospitals. We also
need to build a new Transportation Hub and add two levels of parking to a ramp near 28th Street & Chicago Avenue. Building a new Transportation Hub will allow us to tear down a different parking ramp to make way for a new patient care space while abiding by the Covenant.

Both the CUP and the Transportation Hub will include many features that reflects Allina”™s commitment to environmental sustainability. With
the CUP, we will be replacing eight 1950s-era boilers with two new energy-efficient boilers. We will also replace nine old emergency power generators
with three new energyefficient generators. The CUP will have a rainwater capture feature to reduce strain on the local sewer system. The Transportation Hub will include a Community Solar Garden, to be built by Cooperative Energy Futures, which will generate about 1 megawatt of
electricity, enough to power 250 homes. The Transportation Hub will also include many options to support multi-modal commuting, including a new
bike center for employees, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, ride share parking and a new promenade along to the top of the Greenway to connect Chicago and Elliot Avenues on the north side of the Greenway.

Transportation Hub (courtesy Allina Health)
Central Utility Plant (courtesy Allina Health)

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