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Thursday June 20th 2024

Letter to the Editor

How the Militant Right Are Destroying Our Nation and the Anarchist Left Are Destroying Our City

My hope and prayer is that our nation is learning some lessons from forty years of unfettered Republicanism that ended up creating unfettered Capitalism. This year it culminated in what we witnessed in Texas, where from the time of the George W. Bush governorship to the present, the Republican Texas state lawmakers put their trust in the “hidden hand of the market” to provide their citizen”™s utilities, just one of the many human disasters caused by far-right Republican policies, leading to the unfettered Capitalism that will destroy our nation.

        For several years Donald Trump with the help of news networks like Fox has continued to perpetuate an alternative reality to his base that has strengthened and sustained a militant far-right constituency. The nation looked on in horror as this far-right, militant, terrorist movement reached its pinnacle with the storming of the Capital in a violent attempt to over-throw our government and kill legislators. It is dangerous and if not vigorously checked, will destroy our nation. 

        In so many categories our city and state have been rated at the top due to the foresight of those who have governed through the years and the progressive policies they put forth. However, things aren”™t so great for the people of color who live here. The top ratings our city and state receive are up-side-down for those who aren”™t White. Minnesota is at or near the bottom of every category for people of color. Joseph Jealous, a former Director of the NAACP called Minnesota, “Mississippi with snow.” Systemic racism, often hidden by “Minnesota nice,” has plagued our city for as long as I can remember. The murder of George Floyd should have surprised no one. 

        However, am I just not woke enough for Minneapolis because I do not want to defund the police, but would rather see the Justice Department step in after this Minneapolis horror like they did in Ferguson and help our police department change its culture and truly reform? I would also rather see some real restraints put on the police union and by law have to stand down when an officer is charged with a crime, like unnecessary violence while arresting a perpetrator. Is something wrong with me because I”™m intolerant of needles and feces all over my street, violent drug dealers prowling my block in stolen cars with no license plates, or a gun in my neighbor”™s face as she was exiting her car?

        Like the far right took over Texas, the far left took control of our City Council. First they pushed out the Republicans in Minneapolis and I said, “That”™s ok. I don”™t like their policies anyway.” Then they pushed out the moderates and I just shrugged. Today the liberals are moving out in droves and soon the city will be left to the anarchists. And God help Minneapolis when it is.

Donna Pususta Neste

Midtown Phillips resident for 26 years 

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