Thursday May 26th 2022

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Bridge Fest


Bridge Fest: Celebrating the New 24th Street Foot Bridge

Musicians on the bridge

On August 19, MNDot had a party to celebrate the new 24th Street pedestrian bridge over 35W. The old bridge was removed for the 35W upgrade, which was recently completed. People in the neighborhood were significantly inconvenienced when the bridge was removed. Pedestrians faced a four-block detour to cross 35W at Franklin Avenue or 26th Street. The completion of the new bridge was an occasion to celebrate.

Turns out, MNDot knows how to throw a good party. There were artists, performers, and musicians to entertain the crowd gathered on the bridge. Free ice cream was the perfect treat for a summer evening.

The old bridge was popular with local photographers because it arced high in the air and provided an excellent view of the downtown skyline. The new bridge is closer to street grade. There was some concern that the new view might not make as good pictures. Many photographers showed up for Bridgefest to try out the new angle for themselves. They discovered that the new bridge is a fine place to shoot pictures of the downtown skyline after all.

The celebration spilled off the bridge and into the neighborhoods as groups like Open Eye Theater and Hennepin County Historical Society featured entertainment and activities. Bridgefest recognized not only the new bridge, but also the rejoining of two neighborhoods.

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