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Allina Moving Phillips Eye Institute, Reducing Services and Staff

By Lindsey Fenner

Allina Health has announced they are moving the Phillips Eye Institute (PEI) out of it’s building at 2215 Park Avenue in February 2022. Both in-patient and out-patient eye care will be moved into the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Campus, which is undergoing a $199 million renovation and rebuilding project. The move will also mean a reduction in staff. Allina did not respond to questions about how many staff positions will be lost, but said in a statement that they are “committed to working closely with employees impacted by the transition to provide support and direction for future job opportunities within the Allina Health system.” 

Allina did not provide any information on the future of the PEI building and the nearly 2 acre site in the Phillips West neighborhood. In a statement, they said “Allina Health is committed to working with our community partners to determine the best future use of the PEI building.” As of mid-November, Allina had not contacted the Phillips West Neighborhood Organization about the move or the future of the PEI campus.

In reporting by WCCO Channel 4 TV, Phillips Eye Institute workers represented by SEIU Healthcare MN, said the union was not notified about the decision to move PEI or reduce staffing. 

The Phillips Eye Institute was founded in 1987 as part of the adjacent former Mount Sinai Hospital and is the second largest eye specialty hospital in the United States. It is named after Jay Phillips, local Jewish philanthropist and businessman who was instrumental in the founding of Mount Sinai Hospital. Mount Sinai Hospital closed in 1991, and the hospital campus is now home to Hope Academy private school.  

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