Sunday September 25th 2022

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Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore to Open in New Location

by Carz Nelson

Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore and its twin, Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Bookstore, will reopen soon in a new location. The two stores, known collectively as the Uncles, were burned to the ground during the George Floyd Uprising in 2020. In the January 28, 2022 edition of the store’s newsletter, How’s Business, owner Don Blyly announced his plan to purchase the building at 2716 E 31st St. as the new site for the Uncles.

It’s conveniently located – within walking distance of a light rail stop and Lake Street buses. Off-street parking won’t be available; however, there is always plenty of free street parking in the area.

The 5000 square foot building was built in 1932, and reportedly has a WPA painting of Minnehaha Falls on an interior wall. If all goes well, the sale will close on March 24. After some work on the building, Blyly anticipates the store will open in June. He cautions that projects like this often take longer than planned, so this schedule is only an estimate.

While they are no longer located in the Phillips Neighborhood, many are grateful that the Uncles will remain in South Minneapolis. The stores’ presence is sure to be a benefit to the Longfellow Neighborhood.

Until the bookstore is operational, Blyly is selling books online at as Uncle Hugo’s SF/ Uncle Edgar’s Mystery.

There is a GoFundMe campaign to help the bookstore back on its feet called Official Help Save Uncle Hugo’s Fund.

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