Tuesday August 16th 2022

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Peace Be With You


Should you notice an anguished look in the eyes of our Somali neighbors, bear in mind that some 350,000 Somali-African children are presently at severe risk of starvation due to climate-change-induced-drought. Actually, in that part of the world, several million cling to life in a state of malnourishment. We might then agree that the perpetrators of global warming are guilty of mass murder of unprecedented scale. Moreover, I suggest the ominous trajectory will intensify, lest we put an end to war… and an end to the imperial capitalism which perpetuates war.

Let us consider that one root of the Ukrainian crisis stems from the Wolfowitz Doctrine, the essence of which (in Kissinger’s words) intends to “break Russia”. Then, enter Victoria Nuland, Obama’s “point person” in the 2014 Washington engineered coup which toppled Ukraine’s elected government. (Regarding the mobilization of “ultra-nationalist” thugs, nobody should doubt the role of the C.I.A.) Nuland now serves Biden who has used this crisis to deflect from his Tax the Rich/Build Back Better failure.

What should have been done?

Bear in mind that “our” Ukraine has denied self-determination to the peoples of the Donbas (southeastern Ukraine). The sad truth: Ukrainian militias have killed some 13,000 Russian speaking people there since 2014. Therefore, Biden should have warned Putin: hey, halt your forces at the western border of the Donbas… halt your forces there, lest the world fail to bear witness to your cause.

Putin’s case: 1) Ukraine must disarm its fascistic gangs and private militias 2) Independence for the Donbas region must be upheld 3) Recognize the democratic decision of Crimea to rejoin Russia 4) Proclaim Ukrainian neutrality 5) Say no to NATO.

Tragically, Biden failed to act appropriately in a timely fashion, and Putin went way out of bounds to reveal his own imperial vision. Indeed, it appears now that “we” have deployed the “Afghan strategy” to new turf. However, if we fail to stop this madness, it might very well be planet Earth which breaks.

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