Saturday September 30th 2023

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Healing the broken
Rising from the ashes, like a phoenix arising from the flames
Flames of hatred and prejudice destroyed our beautiful city
Looting and pillaging not only hurt family businesses, but also dishonored our elders and ancestors
Yet, here we are, doing what we do best:
Supporting our neighbors in times of need
Providing a meal or encouraging word
We may not all look alike or sound alike
We may have different customs and traditions
Some have blue eyes
Some have hazel eyes
Others may have brown eyes
Some may have kinky hair
While others have straight, wavy, or curly hair
But one thing we all share is that we are here
We are Minnesota on the best days and the worse days
We love
We hate
We fight
We embrace
We cry
We fall down, and,
We get back up
We are the doctors and lawyers that heal the land and provide guidance
We are the teachers and students who shape the future
We are the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, who are the keepers of the community
We are from Laos
We are from Cuba
We are from Egypt
We are from Somalia
Some wear a hijab
Some wear a kilt
Some honor the Kente cloth
We are old, and
We are young
We are everything in-between
We are Phillips neighborhood, full of diversity and thriving with gifts and talents found therein

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