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Wednesday June 12th 2024

June is National Homeownership Month


Are you thinking about buying your first home? The first step in the process is learning what that process is. Homebuyer education has been around for some time but really came into focus after the housing bubble of 2003 – 2006 burst and we were plunged into the Great Recession in 2007. During the bubble, mortgage loans were handed out like candy with predatory loan terms. Borrowers did not understand the terms and the consequences of that lack of knowledge. Some 3.8 million homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure between 2007 and 2010. (Not all were first-time homebuyers, there was plenty of ill-advised refinancing of mortgages going on, as well.)
First-time homebuyers are now strongly encouraged to take homebuyer education, required or not. (Most special loan programs or down payment assistance programs do require it.) I regularly hear from homebuyers how valuable the class is – they feel much more confident going forward on the homeownership path.
And that is my advice to you, dear Hopeful Homeowner: Take the class. Now. Really. June’s the month. Many agencies who provide the classes offer it free of charge during National Homeownership Month. Find providers and schedules on the Minnesota Homeownership Center website:

Mary Ellen Kaluza is a Certified Financial, Housing, and Reverse Mortgage Counselor.

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