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Thursday February 22nd 2024

Letter to the Editor

Resistance is a Human Right

News outlets have been referring to Israel’s attacks on innocent Palestinians as “self-defense” in response to the Hamas attack of October 7th. On October 7th, 1,200 Israeli settlers were killed. In response, Israel has killed 25,000 people and counting, two-thirds of which are women and children.

How can Israel claim “self-defense” when the numbers of Palestinians murdered appears to be rising exponentially, and when the vast majority of those killed by Israel are innocent families? In so-called self-defense, Israel is bombing schools and hospitals, and blockading humanitarian aid to civilians who have no food, water, or electricity coming into Gaza.

After Israel’s 75 year long land grab occupation and apartheid regime, it is hard to see Israel displacing Palestinians from their land and massacring them as self-defense. If anything, it makes sense that after 75 years of home theft, land theft, blockades on food and water, controlled movement, check points, degradation, and so many other human rights violations, Palestinians rose up and fought back in self-defense.

Anything Israel has done since October 7th has been an escalation of a colonial project they already had underway.

-Whitney Wildman
Minneapolis, MN

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