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Thursday February 22nd 2024

We Really, Really, Really Thank You, Carz Nelson!

This February 2024 issue is the first in several years that Carz Nelson’s byline has not appeared in the alley pages. Carz let us know she has to step back from volunteering with the alley.

Carz served on the Editorial Leadership Committee (ELC) since its beginning in 2019. On top of ELC duties – which are significant – Carz faithfully produced the Library News feature in the alley. (Not to worry – Ari Baum-Hommes from our beloved Franklin Library has graciously volunteered to take over Library News).
Additionally, Carz found time to produce notable features for the paper, including a pandemic lockdown piece on “learning pods” for school aged children in September 2020; a moving tribute to Bob Albee and his contributions to our Phillips Community after his death in 2020; the Bridge Fest, celebrating the long awaited opening of the new 24th Street bridge over I-35W in October 2021; the Never Homeless Before 1492 art installation on the Wall of Forgotten Natives in November 2021; the fate of Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction and Uncle Edgar’s Mystery bookstores, from their building being destroyed in the George Floyd uprising in May 2020, to the opening a new location in the Fall of 2022.

We all – ELC, board, staff, and readers – benefited immensely from her passion for and knowledge of history, her library background, and her forthright honest opinions.

Carz expressed that she is grateful for her time with the alley, adding “I really, really, really believe in the paper and its mission.” Carz, you will be missed and we wish you well with your future endeavors!

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