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Alley Annual Report – It Belongs To You!

Alley Annual Report – It Belongs To You!

From the Editorial Leadership Committee 2021 was a year of activity and evolution for the alley Editorial Leadership Committee. Highlights were -  Welcoming new volunteers Tina Monje, Vivi Grieco, Laura HulscherContinuing our in-depth, local pandemic coverage through the summer and into the transition back to in-person schoolCovering the Ward 6 and 9 CIty Council races and publishing voter education articles from The League of Women VotersPartnering with the Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts to distribute The Phoenix of Phillips literary magazine, Volume VIIMoving to a more local printer to help with printing and delivery schedulesWorking to expand paid positions, including the first business manager and website improver - Ben Heath!Participating in community events as the post-vaccine world began to open up, including tables at the Phillips West Fall Festival and the American Swedish Institute Neighborhood Night. Look for us at upcoming neighborhood events!Collaborating with artist and new alley designer Jessie Merriam on developing the distinctive visual feel of the alley ELC Hopes and plans for 2022 and beyond - Expanding cultural coverage of the Phillips communityForming school partnerships to feature youth and student voicesHighlighting Phillips’ small businesses and the diverse people behind themBuilding our community volunteer base to help fulfill these hopes and plans! annual-reportDownload

Why I Contribute to the Alley

By our wonderful contributors! Dave Moore, cartoonist (with Linnea Hadaway), Dave’s Dumpster, Spirit of Phillips 1. Tradition.  I've been in the alley almost monthly since the mid-80s. 2. Wendell Phillips.  Our neighborhood is named after this freedom fighter.  Linnea Hadaway & I are proud to illustrate quotations from his speeches. 3. I like sharing art with my neighbors.  I wish some would say "I can do better than that" and send in their own. Dwight Hobbes, writer, Something I Said Because it is the only community newspaper I've written for that doesn’t serve a publisher's propagandist agenda first and the community as an afterthought.  Marti Maltby, writer, Peace House Community I started writing for the alley because they asked me to contribute a column each month from PHC, which seemed like an easy way to contribute to the neighborhood. As I've gotten more used to writing the columns, I've grown more comfortable being a voice for PHC's community members and trying to find positives in trying circumstances. It's a chance for me to help others understand important issues and to recognize a lot of special people. Peter Molenaar, writer, Raise Your Voice This person of northern European descent opposes all manner of terroristic threats. In its essence, the alley is the opposite of White-Nationalism.  Patrick Cabello Hansel, writer, Returning I contribute to the Alley because it's a constant presence in the midst of an ever changing world. (And because you print my stuff!) Sue Hunter Weir, writer, Tales from the Cemetery Tales from the Cemetery is intended to be a reminder that the Phillips community has a long, interesting history. It was the first, and for many years, the only cemetery in Minnesota listed in the National Register.  It is the home of thousands of immigrants, many members of the City's early African-American community, and thousands of children who would have [...]

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