Friday December 9th 2022

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Alley Annual Report – It Belongs To You!

From the Editorial Leadership Committee

2021 was a year of activity and evolution for the alley Editorial Leadership Committee. Highlights were – 

  • Welcoming new volunteers Tina Monje, Vivi Grieco, Laura Hulscher
  • Continuing our in-depth, local pandemic coverage through the summer and into the transition back to in-person school
  • Covering the Ward 6 and 9 CIty Council races and publishing voter education articles from The League of Women Voters
  • Partnering with the Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts to distribute The Phoenix of Phillips literary magazine, Volume VII
  • Moving to a more local printer to help with printing and delivery schedules
  • Working to expand paid positions, including the first business manager and website improver – Ben Heath!
  • Participating in community events as the post-vaccine world began to open up, including tables at the Phillips West Fall Festival and the American Swedish Institute Neighborhood Night. Look for us at upcoming neighborhood events!
  • Collaborating with artist and new alley designer Jessie Merriam on developing the distinctive visual feel of the alley

ELC Hopes and plans for 2022 and beyond –

  • Expanding cultural coverage of the Phillips community
  • Forming school partnerships to feature youth and student voices
  • Highlighting Phillips’ small businesses and the diverse people behind them
  • Building our community volunteer base to help fulfill these hopes and plans!

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