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Having a heart for homeless cats

Having a heart for homeless cats

By DWIGHT HOBBES "Pretty Mister" of East Phillips If, as the Good Book says, the Lord gave humans dominion of animals, there are those of the mind that dominion doesn’t just mean being in charge. It means providing care. Accordingly, consider the plight of homeless cats that are hungry with no roof overhead not because they ran afoul of a landlord or having applied for housing are stuck sitting on a long waiting list. They are in their condition because some owner’s child no longer thinks kitty is cute, got bored, and no one in the house can be bothered. Or, because a family moves into a dwelling that doesn’t allow pets and, instead of searching out one that does, they simply dropped the defenseless creature off on the street. From there, the felines naturally procreate, resulting in a steadily increasing population that, overrunning areas, has no way to fend for itself. They make a nuisance of themselves, scrounging around in garbage cans, hiding under porches and in abandoned garages for shelters. Fortunately for them, some folk do what they can to help out. Some feed and water them, leaving bowls where they can eat and drink, close enough to the make-do refuge that the cats don’t starve and can scurry to safety at a moment’s notice. I did this for a clutch of felines who settled in behind my apartment building and an upstairs neighbor complained: “Stop feeding those cats.” At length, she ratted me out to the landlord who didn’t do anything, so she complained to animal control. When they came to the door, I stood my ground. “Who is it hurting for those cats to have a mouthful of food?” Which is how I learned food can be put down for three hours, then has to be removed. “Three hours? What I give them little critters is gone in three minutes.” However well intentioned, this is a stop-gap measure, not a solution to merely help keep them alive. Effective efforts, though, are being taken to more concretely address the [...]

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