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Searching ”“ A Serial Novelle Chapter 25: “Something Special for Someone Special”

By Patrick Cabello Hansel Sometimes you have to stop searching, and let the search find you. Sometimes you have to let go in order to hold onto what you really love. Ana and Luz had confronted their pasts, now it was time to discern where the past was going. And as they walked out into the still swirling snow, they realized they had to do this part of the search alone. “Luz”, Angel said, timidly. “I think I need to go talk to my mom and dad some more. I want to make sure that you”'re OK. I don”'t want to leave you alone when”¦” His voice broke off, and he held his head up to the sky, as if in desperate prayer. Luz took his arm with her hand. “I”'ll be all right, mi amor. I need to see about some things myself. I”'ll be OK.” “I don”'t want you to be afraid,” he told her. “Angel, it”'s one thing to be afraid. It”'s another to live in fear. Do you know the difference?” “I think so,” he said. “For most of my life, I thought I had to fight my way through every trouble. If I was afraid, I got tougher. If I didn”'t know how to do something, I worked harder. I think maybe I have to learn something different now.” Then the two embraced. It was an embrace of two people who know that they may never see each other again. Fear, longing, love, hope intertwined in their hug. It was the hug of brothers or sisters who cross oceans or deserts to find a new life in a new land. Children taken from their parents arms by the brutal hand of the conquistadors. Grandchildren saying goodbye to the grandparents at the nursing home. Luz and Angel held on, not so much for dear life, but to remember, in their muscles, the love they would never give away. Even if they lost. (more…)

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