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East Phillips April ’22

Residents storm city hall to protest

Residents storm city hall to protest

Phillips community not given a voice at meetings on public works expansion BRAD PASSAs part of a protest by Phillips residents who have been ignored by city staff and council members, a Native American Drum group performed a prayer and request for understanding prior to the Transportation and Public Works Committee meeting on Dec. 4, 2018. Throughout this process, the city has ignored its own principals and civic engagement, and sought to railroad its own plans for the neighborhood. by Carol Pass, EPIC Board president Neighborhood residents continue to oppose the city”'s plans to expand its public works facility into the Roof Depot/Sears site in Phillips neighborhood (1860 E. 28th St.) that would further increase pollution and illness in the area.  Instead, they support a plan fashioned by local residents themselves that bring jobs, affordable housing, an indoor aquaponics urban farm, solar energy, and a bike repair shop to the location along the Midtown Greenway. Under pressure, probably from Public Works staff, to make something happen, the city scheduled meetings with the Ways & Means Committee, Transportation & Public Works Committee (T&PW), the Committee of the Whole, and the Full City Council and then rescheduled some, making notification of Urban Farm supporters difficult at best.  Nevertheless, Urban Farm supporters filled the council chambers and overflowed in the hall at the T&PW Committee meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4, as a Native American Drum group performed a prayer and a request for understanding in the pre-meeting chamber. Citizens were not allowed to speak but carried signs to express their support of the Urban Farm concept. Chair Abdi Warsame (Ward 6) passed a motion that would provide no space for the Urban Farm and permit demolition of the incredible Sears warehouse through T&PW without recommendation to the full council, with the stated hope that it could be modified to meet the needs of public [...]

EPIC Annual Meeting Recap

EPIC Annual Meeting Recap

By Carol Pass, President East Phillips Improvement Coalition Over 100 people attended the EPIC ANNUAL MTG, April 27th  in the rotunda and gym of the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center.  It was a huge success with election of 6 new Board members. EPICs commitment of representing the wonderful diversity of East Phillips was continued with the newly elected Board members: Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Earl Simms, Sherdl Kordian, Ali Macali and Aisha Gomez; joining returning Board members, Carol Pass, Rosie Cruz and Jenny Bjorgo. The Breakfast was Mexican style scrambled eggs (Huevos Rancheros) sausage, tamales, sambusas, fish tortes, fruit, all the accoutrements, and 3 EPIC birthday cakes and cupcakes. Many East Phillips residents helped with everything from set-up, food preparation, serving, providing door prizes and even clean-up.  Mark Welna of Welna Hdwe., the best hardware store in the world, donated the door prizes & the traditional grand prize-- the Weber Grill. The Greenway Heights Apartments, a 7-year EPIC project to provide one of the only affordable family rental apartment buildings on the Greenway, received a unanimous but one vote to support  contributing $35,000 to the project for balconies to overlook the greenway, providing the safety of eyes on the Greenway plus giving residents the pleasure of an outdoor experience inside their apartment.


EAST PHILLIPS IMPROVEMENT COALITION 13th ANNUAL MEETING of EPIC Saturday, April 28th, 2012  Social Gathering Time: 9:30 am Meeting begins at 10:00 am At:  The New East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center 2307 17th Ave. S. Annual Board Elections Music, Good Food Cool Door Prizes PLEASE COME AND MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS Call 280-8418- for more details

East Phillips Improvement Coalition Policy Statement Summary in Opposition to Xcel Hiawatha Powerline Proposal

At the request of the EPIC Board, Carol Pass, Board President, submitted a 35 Page Position Statement to the State Of Minnesota Office Of Administrative Hearings For The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) expressing the community”'s strong opposition to these Overhead High Voltage Electrical Transmission Lines. The brief focused on three issues: Health: The U.S. National Academy of Science, National Research Council report (1997) stated that the link between power line wire-code rating and childhood leukemia “is statistically significant (unlikely to have arisen from chance) and is robust”. While the risk to human health at the current state of research appears to be small, the statistical significance of health study findings is that there IS a risk. The Children of Phillips are already at risk from multiple sources and issues, of which we are well aware, especially since the education we all received in facing down the Midtown Burner. Economic Issues: Dean Dovolis of DJR Architects,  architect and developer stated: "I am convinced through work with these and other developers ”¦. that overhead high voltage power lines will severely damage future prospects for development investments anywhere nearby. In addition, such power lines could undo much of the valuable work that has already gone on. The increased risk of loss of market value and probable insurability problems would be enough to cause developers to put their future investment elsewhere.” “It should also be considered that those who own homes, businesses and rental property would undoubtedly suffer a serious economic loss in potential resale value. The area as a whole would suffer long term damage resulting from the loss of future transit-oriented and other development,” Dean Dovolis reported. Ethical Issues: The ethical issues involve the subjection of this ethnically diverse and economically challenged community to the probability of more [...]

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center Ground-Breaking 4 ½ Years after Linda”'s Dream, Neighbors-described on ”˜Butcher Paper”'**

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center Ground-Breaking 4 ½ Years after Linda”'s Dream, Neighbors-described on ”˜Butcher Paper”'**

By Brad Pass and Carol Pass On November 19th, 2009 a momentous event for the Phillips Neighborhood occurred. It was the ground breaking of the long awaited East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center. After years of relentless struggle primarily by the residents and organizations of East Phillips, with help from our adjoining neighborhood to the west, Midtown Phillips, and many others, the end is in sight. Within months we will be able to enjoy this beautiful new building. The East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center will include a big gym with bleachers, a community kitchen, a beautiful entry rotunda, an elder and family gathering space and rooms to provide programs and educational help for our multitude of residents. It will provide space to help them reach their potential, to improve their lives, celebrate their many cultures and just chill out and enjoy one another. Ball fields and landscaping will also be added. Such a Center was a long held dream going back years, but always stalled out for a thousand reasons. However, when the neighborhood organization, the East Phillips Improvement Coalition, EPIC, began to plan programs for our neglected and desperately needy youth, the board members were stymied and brought to a halt by lack of space. They realized they could not write the grants to bring help to anyone, because there was no place to put the programs that were needed. All the churches were full. All the other possible spaces were occupied. The needs of this very diverse population were overwhelming, and we were helpless to respond. Then on July 14th, 2005, at the monthly EPIC neighborhood meeting, faced with a sense of sorrow at the inability to move ahead, East Phillips resident Linda Leonard spoke of a dream. She asked, “if we could have a Community Center in East Phillips Park, what problems would it solve and what could it do and be for the community?” She got out a large piece of butcher paper and started copying the [...]

Update on the East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center

By Brad Pass, Chair, East Phillips Park Community Design Team On October 1st, the bids for the new East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center were opened. Of the thirteen bidding construction companies, not one bid exceeded the money we have available for the project and the three lowest bids came in sufficiently low so as to allow us to include EVERTHING we had cut weeks ago when we were concerned about pre-bid estimates. We had sadly cut the Elderly and Family Gathering Space, amounting to 1,000 Sq Ft from the south end of the building. Then we eliminated sound insulating material in the gym. We eliminated all the appliances and the ventilation and make-up air system from the Kitchen along with many other less noticeable cost cutting measures including the elimination of the exterior plaza sitting wall. As a result of this, we were able to reduce the estimated building costs by just enough to warrant putting out the bids to the building construction industry. The bids were to go out in early September with a deadline of October 1st. Then, on Sept. 3rd, we were informed that our figures did not include money for a contingency fund. An additional $150,000 would be needed. The decision was made to proffer the bids anyway and hope for the best. Now the contingency is also covered and we can even consider additional additions. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioners voted unanimously; at their october 21st meeting, the “contingent upon staff receiving the city purchasing department”'s approval letter, (the mprb) authorizes acceptance of the low bid from rochon corporation”¦to furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals for construction of the east phillips cultural and community center”¦.” including all the items that had recently been eliminated. Once the City Purchasing Department approves Rochon Corp. the bid will be awarded and we can plan a groundbreaking ceremony. The actual groundbreaking [...]

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