Friday February 3rd 2023

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EPIC Annual Meeting Recap

By Carol Pass, President

East Phillips Improvement Coalition

Over 100 people attended the EPIC ANNUAL MTG, April 27th  in the rotunda and gym of the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center.  It was a huge success with election of 6 new Board members. EPICs commitment of representing the wonderful diversity of East Phillips was continued with the newly elected Board members: Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Earl Simms, Sherdl Kordian, Ali Macali and Aisha Gomez; joining returning Board members, Carol Pass, Rosie Cruz and Jenny Bjorgo.

The Breakfast was Mexican style scrambled eggs (Huevos Rancheros) sausage, tamales, sambusas, fish tortes, fruit, all the accoutrements, and 3 EPIC birthday cakes and cupcakes. Many East Phillips residents helped with everything from set-up, food preparation, serving, providing door prizes and even clean-up.  Mark Welna of Welna Hdwe., the best hardware store in the world, donated the door prizes & the traditional grand prize– the Weber Grill.

The Greenway Heights Apartments, a 7-year EPIC project to provide one of the only affordable family rental apartment buildings on the Greenway, received a unanimous but one vote to support  contributing $35,000 to the project for balconies to overlook the greenway, providing the safety of eyes on the Greenway plus giving residents the pleasure of an outdoor experience inside their apartment.

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