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Fish Tank & Repo Man

Fish Tank & Repo Man

by Howard McQuitter Fish Tank (2009) **** Lagoon Drama Running time: 123 minutes Director: Andrea Arnold Unrated The movie starts rather slowly, but the plot becomes more clear as the main character Mia (Katie Jarvis) waddles through meaning her life at age 15. She feels trapped by her environment in the projects in an English city. Her mother Joanne (Kiersten Wareino), is a blond busty woman who loves to party and dance. Mia”'s little sister Tyler (Rebecca Griffins) plays around the tenement though she would often prefer following Mia around. Joanne”'s boyfriend Connor (Michael Fassbender of “Inglorious Basterds” and “Hunger”) seems okay, a happy-go-lucky guy with a job at a factory. The film is seen through the eyes of Misa, a school drop out, teased by boys in the neighborhood and she”'s a loner. She often uses a vacant apartment above her own to practice break-dancing while watching break-dance videos. She tries to free a horse but is physically confronted by gypsy boys. Much like Mike Leigh”'s films on English working class alienation, Arnold”'s “Fish Tank” depicts the alienation of Mia in particular, but the characters in general. “Fish Tank” won the jury prize at last year”'s Cannes Film Festival. Andrea Arnold (“Red Road) won an Oscar for her 2003 short “Wasp”. She picks a cockney Katie Jarvis, her debut, for “Fish Tank” a mesmerizing performance by the 18 year old. The sexual undertones by Connor toward Mia are very, very subtle. Connor”'s fetish is a case of Euphebophilia, not pedophila. “Fish Tank” can be said to be a much milder version of “Precious” with the characters being Caucasians. Repo Man (2010) * Rosedale 8 Drama Running time: 111 minutes Director: Miguel Sapachnik Rated: R Oh, how wonderful it is for friends to endure to the end of the film in spite of differences [...]

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