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Editorial “A Smile is”¦the shortest distance between people.”

The final piano number at the recent Grand Opening of the American Swedish Institute”'s Victor Borge Exhibit was the nostalgic Claire de Lune played by pianist Glenn Henriksen. The last quotation shared by Janet Borge Crowle, a daughter of Borge, following nearly an hour of fascinating reminiscing about her “Papa,” the famous “Great Dane” and Clown Prince, was, “A smile is the shortest distance between people.” Claire de Lune was always Borge”'s final song.  It is also a reminder that even with turbulence in his life composer Claude-Achille DeBussy was able to compose contemplative and even romantic music like this song of the moon. (more…)

Victor Borge: Life and Laughs of a Scandinavian Humorist Exhibit Opens at the American Swedish Institute

Victor Borge: Life and Laughs of a Scandinavian Humorist Exhibit Opens at the American Swedish Institute

February 18 ”“ May 1, 2011 Exhibit  explores Victor Borge”'s life and achievements with  film clips, recordings, photographs and memorabilia. Admission: see below. Born Børge Rosenbaum in Denmark on January 3, 1909, Mr. Borge trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and began his career in Denmark in the 1930s. While touring in Sweden, the Third Reich invaded Denmark, Borge, being Jewish, could not return home.  He went to the  U.S on August 28, 1940. Affectionately called “Great Dane,” Victor Borge was an engaging musician, humorist,  humanitarian, and one of the most popular performers in the US and Scandinavia. He effectively used physical and visual elements maintaining a consistent, dynamic energy and high level of spontaneity, marked by impeccable timing and highly developed musicality. During 60 years in the U.S., he performed on radio and television, in films, on stage, and at the White House. In 1956, he performed on Broadway with his Comedy in Music; still the record for longest-running one-man show. Recognized as an ambassador of goodwill in  Denmark and America, he was knighted by the five Nordic countries and honored by  U.S. Congress and the United Nations.  Borge died Dec. 23, 2000. (more…)

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