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A-POD and Guri Nabad Partnership Launches Unique Somali Diabetes Management Workshop and Meetups

A-POD and Guri Nabad Partnership Launches Unique Somali Diabetes Management Workshop and Meetups

By Robert Albee An October Saturday became one of those magic times that took more than two years to imagine and plan”” yet just a few hours to implement! Ubah Keynan a diabetes nurse not long out of formal schooling herself, marveled to see a group of Somali women who had just met sharing their travails with diabetes so openly and passionately with a group of strangers. For Dr. Faduma Addow, the only Somali psychiatrist in the United States and Emtea N. Osman, her Minneapolis sponsor and lifelong friend, a doorway has begun to open that someday in the future will lead to a Somali-American culturally-specific healthcare system. For them, this newly-launched comprehensive diabetes management program is just the beginning. “A Partnership Of Diabetics (A-POD) is designed to open up those of us with this lifelong condition in a way that no clinic or hospital does. It”'s simply sharing between one diabetic with another diabetic. It”'s how we put people first in addressing the whole spectrum of our condition that makes us unique.” says Robert Albee,  A-POD”'s founder and longtime neighborhood activist. Through an introductory day-long workshop and follow-up weekly meetings, persons with diabetes have up to eighty-four annual hours of program contact instead of only an hour or two a year with one”'s health care team. Albee admits that he benefitted highly from the highly-publicized ACCORD study of diabetics he participated in through Hennepin County Medical Center and then the development of several patient-oriented programs at the Native American Community Clinic (NACC) that he helped get started a decade ago. (more…)

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