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Monday April 15th 2024

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Portico Healthnet, Health Coverage That Is Much Needed

By Raymond Jackson At a time when many are still waiting anxiously for health reform information from our government, the need toll continues to rise. The free clinics are bulging at the seams as too, too many are running out of resources, and simply losing hope. Portico Health Net continues to fill the ever expanding void that many families face. They have served the people of the Phillips Community, the most populated neighborhoods in The Twin Cities, in ways that are actually saving lives, minds, bodies and souls. Working with a group of persons that do not hesitate to show their commitment, concern and dedication to those in need of affordable and reliable health care, Portico Health Net continues to help simplify and meet those needs, not just for Phillips Neighborhood residents, but to the entire state of Minnesota. By working not just with Abbott-Northwestern hospital, located here in Phillips, but 12 other hospitals located in Minnesota, Portico is making a difference [...]

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