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Sunday June 23rd 2024

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SPORTSTALK interview with Lindsay Whalen of the Minnesota Lynx

By Ray Jay & Young Dex Sportstalk is back for the upcoming Minnesota pro-sports season. Yes, my friends, the season for enjoying professional sports in Minnesota is beginning. We only average about three months each year, of pro-sports here, while the other nine are nothing but misery and suffering! We both agree that this is a sad period here in Minnesota. At least contend, is all we are asking. While we made the prediction over two years ago that the next professional sports champion Minnesota would have is not; the Favre lead Minnesota Vikings; nor would it be the unled Timberwolves; or the, what are they called? Oh yes, not the Wild, or the new stadium Twins. Speaking of which, we sadly have been told while preparing this edition of Sportstalk, that Minnesota Twins great, Harmon Killibrew, has died from esophagus cancer. Killibrew put the Twins on the map. We also report the untimely death of ex-Wild star, Derek Boogaard. After spending the last hockey season with The New [...]


By Ray Jay and Young Dex Let”'s start this edition of sports talk out with a big congratulations to Lynx coach Jen Gillom and Lynx point guard Renee Montgomery as they were selected to be representatives on The United States Women”'s Basketball team for the pre Olympics Games. We must also congratulate our Minnesota Twins as they made the American League play-offs with an exciting one game play-off entry win over The Detroit Tigers. Needless to say, that game took all of their oomph, as they were swept in the first round by the powerful New York Yankees, who beat the California Angels, Tori Hunter”'s new team, in their best of seven ALCS playoffs for the World Series. Speaking of Tori, just imagine that we may still be playing had the Twins retained him, and/or Johan Santana. Oh well! That”'s the way the small markets go, so some say. The Minnesota Vikings are riding high as they go into the seventh week of the young NFL season undefeated. I admit, I [...]

Sports Talk

By Ray Jay & Young Dex We must start this edition with a warm heart felt congratulations to The Minnesota Lynx WNBA basketball team, that just missed the playoffs, by two games. A season in which star player, Siemone Augustas, suffered a season ending injury in game four. Congrats to Lynx head coach, Jennifer Gillom, for her ability to rally the team, and keep them very competitive, losing six games by three points or less. We predict that they will be one of the best teams in the WNBA come next season. From players to fans, the good spirits flowed all season long! At press time, in the WNBA payoffs, defending WNBA Champion, the Detroit Shock, are up 1-0, in their best of five series against the Indiana Fever, in The Eastern Conference finals, and the Phoenix Mercury, are up 1-0, against the Los Angeles Sparks, in the Western Conference finals. Young Dex picks Los Angeles to win it all. I chose defending champion Detroit. The Lynx played well against all four of the finalist, [...]

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