Thursday May 26th 2022

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NCAP Grows Gardening Potential in Phillips this Spring

By David Boehnke Have you always wanted to have a way of getting cheaper, healthier vegetables? Or do you love to garden and need a way of doing so? While it can be hard to get access to healthy food in Phillips it is getting easier with a growing abundance of gardening opportunities, many of which are being organized by a new group called NCAP: Neighbors Connecting for Action in Phillips. There are four opportunities particularly worth highlighting: Get a garden in a box-Sign up to participate in this initiative where you, with other neighbors will get a raised bed garden, plants, and mutual support for growing food where you live. RSVP to attend the Meet and Greet Event for this exciting opportunity: Shea, 612-423-1351, The event is on Saturday April 14th, 11am at the Phillips Community Center, 2323 11th Ave. S. This project is in partnership with the Growing the Backyard CHAT of the Backyard Initiative and fits into Gardening Matters”' Cold Crop Distribution Event””meet other gardeners and get reduced price seeds and seedlings. (more…)

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