Tuesday August 22nd 2017

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In Iraq and Afghanistan Burn Pit infernos cause illness and death

More than 230 U.S. burn pits, as large as 10 acres, across Iraq and Afghanistan; ignited with jet fuel, burning human body parts, plastics, metal, Styrofoam, electrical equipment and other waste, burned 100 to 200 tons of waste per day at all hours often near U.S. military encampments impregnating thousands of local residents and foreign military [...]

Frank Reflections

BY FRANK ERICKSON Condoning a “travel ban” on unarmed Iraqis coming to America?  How can anyone agree with such a “travel ban” after the U.S. sent thousands of armed Americans across Iraqi borders killing thousands of people and destroying entire cities like Fallujah? Why couldn’t the Iraqi government have put a travel ban on [...]

The only FEAR I have…

The only FEAR I have…

The Resistance Has Begun

By Peter Molenaar It is now farewell to President Obama. Naturally, as a leader of the capitalist world, he was bound to disappoint us to some degree. However, from day one, the panderers of racism were determined to sabotage his presidency. One can only begin to fathom the fortitude of the man. No, there will be no redemption for a president [...]

Commentary Put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Mend those fences make repairs. There is still time for:

BY HARVEY WINJE Mpls. Public Schools to recognize a genuine opportunity for Community Education. Corcoran Neighborhood Organization to recognize grassroots organizing when it arises from the community. Architects to recognize classic architecture even if disguised by cosmetic additions and siding. Consultants to deflate their [...]

Happy New Fear!

Happy New Fear!


By Peter Molenaar Some definitions: 1.) A “proto-fascist” is one who sets the stage with scape-goating and the promotion of chauvinism. 2.) Fascism is the open faced terroristic dictatorship of the most reactionary, chauvinistic, imperialistic sector of the capitalist ruling class. 3.) A ‘Popular Front’ is the strategic movement which [...]

Speaking of walls…………………

“Nikita Krushchev, the much feared leader of the Soviet Union, liked Frost immensely and hosted him in Russia in 1962.  Yet Frost, who never made public displays of emotion, let his feelings about belligerent Russian actions be known.  At one dinner in Moscow, he recited his poem ‘Mending Wall.’ ‘Something there is that doesn’t love [...]

Shop till you stop or drop

Shop till you stop or drop

Ilhan and Neegonnweedun

By Peter Molenaar Was it fifteen years ago that a Somali man named Jaylani suffered a psychotic breakdown at the Chicago Crossing parking lot off Franklin Avenue? He would be executed by the police before that day was done.  Had he been white, people believed another outcome would have occurred. So then, Neegonnwayweedun – The Thunder before [...]

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