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Ilhan and Neegonnweedun

By Peter Molenaar Was it fifteen years ago that a Somali man named Jaylani suffered a psychotic breakdown at the Chicago Crossing parking lot off Franklin Avenue? He would be executed by the police before that day was done.  Had he been white, people believed another outcome would have occurred. So then, Neegonnwayweedun – The Thunder before [...]

Phillips Neighborhood is a Treasure Stay strong; Stay together; Speak for justice; We are a family here.  

BY JANA METGE The Election has caused me to reflect; Each and Every day. I wake up thankful for this Community, for the different cultures represented, for the Sharing - for Caring - for Standing together. The history of Activism in this Neighborhood has changed the way the city and county do their businesses.  Policy has been changed in [...]

Country’s greatness is to live and work side by side. Connect to the commonness, the beauty, and the potential in one another with compassion

BY The Ingebretsen Family As many of you know, our family is very closely connected to our own immigrant story, and because of that, we feel strongly about the importance of making a statement of support for the immigrants currently helping to shape our community. 95 years ago, our market was opened to serve the specific culinary needs of the [...]

Yes, Hillary, And Then…?

Our Hillary has accused the Donald of “taking hate mainstream.” Oh, quite right.  It seems the little boy-man suffers all the symptoms of affluenza, the nauseating narcissism of every known chauvinism.  Sadly, a serious mass seeks salvation in worship of the false idol. However, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, 25 million years old, is [...]

Republican Devolution

Republican Devolution

Even if I live to age of Methuselah…I do not expect to vote! – Wendell Phillips

Even if I live to age of Methuselah…I do not expect to vote! – Wendell Phillips

Phillip$ Resident$! $uperBowl 2018 will be in Minneapoli$

Phillip$ Resident$! $uperBowl 2018 will be in Minneapoli$

The snake and our nurses

By Peter Molenaar Not so long ago, the ancient ‘black snake’ prophecy was linked to the construction of railways. However, recent ceremonies have sifted through the prophecies to reveal that the snake goes underground. In these modern times, millions of settler descendants are coming to know the truth as well. Should the black snake cross the [...]

Union Pride

By Peter Molenaar UNION PRIDE MEETS NATIVE PRIDE, this is the frontline caption seen in the August issue of The St. Paul Union Advocate. From the article: “Participants in a unique pre-apprenticeship program co-sponsored by the Cement Masons and area tribal authorities, worked in silence, heads down, as their instructors barked [...]

Frank Reflections “Created equal, BUT!…”

BY FRANK ERICKSON Have you ever wondered why it wasn’t Native Americans who told us on July 4th, 1776, “that all men are created equal”—“we the white men are here to inform you…something you probably already knew, but anyway, all men are created equal. But let’s not get carried away, all men are created equal, but the white man is [...]

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