Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
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Friday July 19th 2024

The Alley Newspaper is Bound for the Future With Your Help!

By Susan Gust and Harvey Winje
The Alley Newspaper is Bound for the Future. Bound into 17 volumes, no less, spanning all of its 33 years! It will be printed on paper much better than the newsprint on which it is printed each month, allowing the many photos, stories and articles to be able to be viewed and used by others well into the future. Once it is reprinted it will be kept in the Special Collections Section of the Main Downtown Minneapolis Library on Hennepin Avenue.

This is great news! No pun intended. What would be even better news would be to raise enough money for a duplicate set of those 17 volumes to be housed at the Franklin Branch Library in the Phillips Community. These volumes would be more readily available to community residents and students. If you or a friend, neighbor, or relative have ever appeared in The Alley or submitted a Letter to the Editor, a photo, or written an article, it will become immortalized”“or least be around a long, long time! Please celebrate this great news, or, better yet, help make it happen by attending

The Alley Annual Meeting and Fundraiser
Friday, October 23, 2009
5-7 pm

At the Cultural Wellness Center in Franklin Bank Building
1527 East Lake St. (parking available in the rear of the building)
Suggested donation: $15”¦..
but we will graciously accept whatever donation you can afford!
Questions? Please call 612-724-5753

Other exciting efforts to help The Alley Newspaper to be Bound for the Future and preserve some of the community”'s valuable history:
We will soon purchase a complete set of microfilmed Alley Newspapers from the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS). A law was made when Minnesota became a state that requires all newspapers to send a copy of each issue to MHS. For any number of reasons the Society does not have all of our issues. Now that we have amassed a complete set, MHS will make two complete microfilmed sets; one for their archives and one they will sell to us for $35.00 a roll.

We are inquiring to find a cost-effective way to produce a digitized collection of The Alley.
Sue Hunter Weir has volunteered to head-up the task of indexing all of the Alleys.

Come and help us celebrate the many achievements of our incredible community volunteers over this past year. Learn more about this long-surviving, community-governed, nonprofit media source. Consider joining the Board of Directors and help propel us into new partnerships and strategies to inform and engage the community. Hear the words of Abebech Girma, staff member of the Cultural Wellness Center as she provokes us to think about the importance of language and a how a culture expresses itself through its language and how language shapes the culture in her presentation called: “Rediscovering Amharic”. “I am more of me when I am able to express myself in my own language ”“ my Mother”'s tongue, Amharic” according to Abebech.

It will take all of us to help The Alley to be Bound for the Future. If you cannot attend the event, we will graciously accept your donation to our important endeavors. You”'re tax deductible contribution can be made to: Alley Communications, Inc., P.O. Box 7006, Mpls., MN 55407. Otherwise, we will see you on October 23!

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