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Wednesday June 12th 2024


By Ray Jay and Young Dex

It is with great sorrow that we start this edition of Sports Talk announcing the death of 26 year old wide receiver Chris Henry, who”'s Cincinnati Bengals, had just recently been thrashed by our MN Vikings 30-10. Mr. Henry did not play in that game, in that he broke his forearm November 6, and was still rehabilitating to return to action. After a troubled start in college and professional sports, Chris Henry had started to turn his life around, and had he kept pace, would have been an excellent role model, that no matter what you have done in the past, your future can be better. What a tragedy!

As one Minnesota team, The Wild, (NHL), got a little hot; the hot Minnesota team, The Vikings (NFL), got a little cold; and the cold Minnesota team, The Timberwolves (NBA), started to warm up. The only consistently good professional sports venue currently, are The Minnesota Timberwolves Dance Line. Since the NBA season start, they have at times shown better on the court moves than our T-Wolves, however, that may continue to change for the better, now that Kevin Love has returned to the line-up, and Al Jefferson is playing with more virility. Still early in the season, we both think the T-Wolves have a chance to stir some stuff up, come play-off time. NO, we are not exactly picking them to be in the playoffs, but we think their play will continue to improve and that they will be a determining factor as to who makes the playoffs. They must stay healthy to have any chance at all! Did you know that Young Dex”'s favorite player, Allen Iverson, has come out of retirement, and is playing for his old team, The Philadelphia 76”'ers, who will be here on January 18th, for an afternoon MLK holiday game? Bring the family to this one, and see one of the most prolific point guards ever. GO TIMBERWOLVES, VIKINGS, WILD and DANCELINE!!

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