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Saturday May 18th 2024

SPORTS TALK: March 2010

By Ray Jay and Young Dex
Sunday January 22, 2010, 9:28 P.M.,
The strings on my heart are being pulled with such force, that I felt compelled to immediately begin writing the March edition of Sports Talk. What I and Dex had just witnessed in the NFC Championship game, our Minnesota Vikings vs. The New Orleans Saints, was nothing short of a triple dosage of DISGUST. Mind you, I go back to the days of the Purple People Eaters, if you know what I mean?

Disgust 1: Our Vikings had, in the past three hours, turned the ball over 5 times; two of those took place in that area of almost guaranteed scoring, deemed the red zone, which resulted in a forfeiture of at least six points, as the Vikings went on to lose this game. A game the Vikings seemed to not want to win and a game the Saints seemed to not be able to win!

Disgust 2: Million dollar quarterback, Brett Favre”'s, decision to throw the ball, instead of running through a hole so large, that even I could have limped through it for 6 or 7 yards, which would have put the Vikings well within kicker Ryan Longwell”'s range to attempt to win the game in regulation time. The throw resulting in an interception, instead of a forty something yard field goal attempt.

Disgust 3: The Vikings having 12 men in the huddle, which resulted in a five yard penalty on the play before the interception.

Disgust 4: Well, I guess there were more than three disgusting moments, in that the referees made three very questionable calls, all against the Vikings, on the Saints overtime, opening winning drive. That resulted in a forty yard field goal made by the Saints rookie kicker.
Excuse me for a moment, I feel like I”'m gonna throw-up. I will finish this episode of Sports Talk in a couple of weeks.

February 7, 2010.
I feel much better. The Super Bowl has just been completed, matching the New Orleans Saints against The Indianapolis Colts. We decided early on to support our President Obama in this year”'s Super Bowl prognostication. Both Young Dex and I totally agree with the Prez, in that we would love to see the Saints win it all, but The Indianapolis, Peyton Manning led, Colts, appear to be too powerful. A pick that covers all bases, no matter who wins. The 2009-2010 Super Bowl final score, New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17; what a game!!! So that”'s it for this NFL season, we don”'t know about you, but we just don”'t know if our Vikings will get another chance. Guess it all depends on who shows up to training camp; Brett Childress, or Brad Favre!

Other sports news includes, or actually we conclude, that the MN Wild are not very good. They remain in the lower tier of the NHL and just somehow always manage to lose the close ones. As for our MN Timberwolves, they are playing their best basketball of the year. Having won four straight, including victories over play-off bound Dallas and Memphis during that streak, they look promising. Now it”'s up to management to keep this group together and realize that championship[p teams do not appear overnight. Champions come out of the same group playing together for several years. So Timberwolves management”' do not look at free agents, stick to a 2-3 player draft in June. Evaluate the most immediate needs, then go for them! In closing, we still believe the the MN Lynx have the best chance to represent MN as champions. That thought was greatly enhanced through obtaining former Gophers star, Lindsey Whalen, during the off season.

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