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Monday April 15th 2024

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By Raymond Jackson and Dexter Jackson It is with great love and respect that we once again make the announcement, made three years ago, only by The Alley”'s sports prognosticators; that the next Minnesota Professional National Sports Champions, would not be the old man Brett Favre led Vikings; nor would it be the Kevin Garnettless Timberwolves”' nor would it be the NEW STADIUM brings champions, minded Twins, or the simply Tame Wild. No, as we stated, and the only sports team to state such; it would be, and did become, The WNBA Team, our Minnesota Lynx. Congratulations to each and every one of you, and big thanks for keeping The Alley newspaper on your appreciation list. Right now the sports scene is somewhat lucid, but there are some very tantalizing sports possibilities on the horizon. The one that hugely excites us is the emergence of our Minnesota Timberwolves. They have something that they have never had before and that being an experienced and down to earth Coach. [...]

SPORTS TALK: March 2010

By Ray Jay and Young Dex Sunday January 22, 2010, 9:28 P.M., The strings on my heart are being pulled with such force, that I felt compelled to immediately begin writing the March edition of Sports Talk. What I and Dex had just witnessed in the NFC Championship game, our Minnesota Vikings vs. The New Orleans Saints, was nothing short of a triple dosage of DISGUST. Mind you, I go back to the days of the Purple People Eaters, if you know what I mean? Disgust 1: Our Vikings had, in the past three hours, turned the ball over 5 times; two of those took place in that area of almost guaranteed scoring, deemed the red zone, which resulted in a forfeiture of at least six points, as the Vikings went on to lose this game. A game the Vikings seemed to not want to win and a game the Saints seemed to not be able to win! Disgust 2: Million dollar quarterback, Brett Favre”'s, decision to throw the ball, instead of running through a hole so large, that even I could have limped through it [...]

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