Wednesday January 26th 2022

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Comments by residents who distributed the Alley insert on the BYI Assessment results on May 6th

“I met a lot of great people who work for the Alley newspaper.”
“Community gardens.”
“Burst into song with my neighbor!!!”
“Met nice neighborhoods; getting together to garden later!”
“Nice neighbors”
“Beautiful gardens.”
“Clear litter-free sidewalks.”
“Encountered Census workers.”
“Very pretty clean yards.”
“Very quiet neighborhood.”
“I had a great time serving the community.”
“Powderhorn is beautiful in the spring!”
“Jude (new chiropractor) at Sabri Bldg (26 & Bloom) is interested if neighborhood is on the upswing ”“ I thought (think) so.”
“I really enjoyed the nice people & viewing my old neighborhood. Also got good exercise.”
“Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender pride flags.”
“We were invited in to visit.”
“Nice to see, actually see the homes & businesses in the area.”
“Fun to get out in the community.”
“One woman came out & got the paper right after I dropped if off and said “thanks”.”
“People who were gardening were friendly.”
“Gave a copy of the Alley to two Latino men getting off work.”
“Was greeted by a friendly young peace person. He agreed to check-out the center-fold and to read my column on p.7.”
“A young kid said he reads the Alley all the time ”“ his dad asked for one too.”

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