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Sunday May 19th 2024

Five separate suitors seek space in Phillips Community Center (2323 11th Avenue)

by Robert Albee, Secretary of Ventura Village

The 9th of July was the due date for submissions to the Mpls. Park and Recreation Board”'s Request For Proposals (RFP”'s) for future use of the currently closed Phillips Community Center. Scheduled for a reopening in early fall, the 49,000 square foot center has been shut down for replacement of heating, insulation and plumbing since November of 2009.

Proposals were submitted by:

  • Waite House (Pillsbury United Communities) that would execute a complete relocation from their 13th Avenue and 25th Street location into the PCC facility and
  • The Phillips Community Partnership proposal, which was submitted by Ventura Village on behalf of all four Phillips Community neighborhoods and other long-term stakeholders.
  • SOOS Early Childhood Learning Center (SECLC) is a Phillips-based group proposing to open a day care center.
  • Freeport West, which was a tenant before the building closed down wishes to continue operating a wellness program for youth ages 11-18 and possibly include entrepreneurship activities as well.
  • Minneapolis Swims, a Phillips-based group is seeking to restore the swimming pool to its original shape including diving boards and bleachers to enable sanctioned swim meets along with various recreational and instructional uses.

The Park Board RFP favors:

  1. Community partners that will add programming and services compatible and complimentary to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.
  2. Utilizing all the space available in the building for community use.
  3. A tenant that has the financial resources to renovate the interior space and provide rental income to offset the building utilities, operating costs and provide for long-term building renovation.
  4. A service provider with a strong interest in the community and a solid reputation for service.

According to Park Board sources, some staff suggest that all suitors could be accommodated within the facility if they are willing to work together. According to MPRB staff member Lonnie Nichols, “Planning Staff is now developing a committee comprised of MPRB staff and community representation to evaluate the proposals and provide advisory recommendation(s) to the Supt. of Parks and Bd of Mpls Park Comm. in August 2010.”

A decision is expected in Sept. on who the Park Board will choose to invite as tenants and users of the PCC. The Phillips Community Partnership proposal is available for viewing. Contact: Robert Albee. Other proposals may be posted or available for viewing as well, depending on the wishes of each organization seeking space.

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