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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight


Theiopolis Cinema

* “Take Me Home Tonight”(2010) Comedy. Cast: Topher Grace (Matt frank), Dan Fogler (Barry Nathan), Teiesa Palmer (Tori Frederking), Anna Faris (Wendy Franklin). (R)95 minutes.Director: Michael Dowse.

Actor-co producer Topher Grace and actor Dan Fogler showed up for questions and answers after their movie “Take Me Home Tonight” was over. I wasn”'t really interested in staying around for a movie I didn”'t care about. I”'m happy these young men are enjoying some success but their movie, to be blunt, is so generic so as to be ad nauseam.

Nothing in Michael Dowse”'s comedy distinguishes itself from umpteen comedies about white teens and twentysomethings partying, drinking beer and looking for that girl with whom he missed a chance to have sex. To Dowse”'s credit, most of the scurrilous language and gross behavior is missing from this comedy set in the 1980s–Ronald Reagan, Cultural Club ,award-winning movie”Gandhi”, tax cuts (for the wealthy), punk hairdos.

One problem Topher Grace, at age 32,can”'t pass for a 22-year old. Another problem maybe Dan Fogler, as Barry Nathan,and Anna Faris, as Wendy Frankin, do not fit the age either. All three characters, especially Barry and Matt, seem to be aimless in their lives, acting out in hedonistic fashion as in drinking, snorting cocaine and one character lies by saying he works at Goldman Sachs when he actually works at a video store just to impress a girl form his high school. He should have told the truth and who knows what would have happened.

I like nostalgia in movies if they are worth their salt “Take Me Home Tonight” doesn”'t begin to fit the bill either for nostalgia or comedy. I think I hear a little voice in my head: “Don”'t worry ”˜Take me Home”' will be a fossil just like most of today”'s ”˜comedies”'”.


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