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Wednesday June 12th 2024


Martha Reeves

By Raymond Jackson

It was Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Diana Ross & the Supremes, and Martha Reeves & the Vandellas that brought Motown Records, unheralded success and worldwide spotlights.

It is, however, Martha Reeves and her current Vandellas, that continue to glow and shine now; in the new millennium.

Returning to The Dakota Jazz Nightclub, 1010 Nicollet Ave., in Loring Park Neighborhood, northwest of Phillips Community, on January 11 & 12, they did four shows on our two coldest nights of this current winter season. Martha and her two youngest sisters, Lois and Stephanie, her current Vandellas, brought back many memories to their four fully packed houses.

In regard to her Dakota Nightclub audiences, who enjoyed light to heavy dining that created quite an aroma, she stated, “I recognize many off you as members of my old hippie following.”

You see, Martha & the Vandellas reached International stardom in 1964, with their hit, ”˜Dancin”' In The Streets”', co-written by the late Marvin Gaye and Ivory Joe Hunter., to which she gave great tribute for her years of success.

Martha also said, “I”'m going to sing, as long as I”'m able. I”'m going to dance, as long as I can, and age 69 feels real good!”

Yes, readers, sixty nine, and still recording songs, and while performing she shows a very spiritual & knowledgeable instinct base that is unparalleled to any performer I can recall. Having 26 Top 40 hits during a nine year period that included, ”˜Heatwave”', ”˜Nowhere To Run”', ”˜Jimmy Mack”' and ”˜Dancin”' In The Streets”', as number one hits, she continues to tour and perform around the world.

Signing with Detroit”'s Motown Records on September 21, 1962, she has maintained permanent residency there, even serving on the Detroit City Council from 2005-2009, and can readily identify with some of the development and overall socio-economic problems that the Phillip”'s Neighborhoods face today.

She really showed her comic like showmanship saying, “I told some young people that all of my early stuff was 45”'s, (A plastic recording device about as thick as a CD, but with a wider circumference.), and they responded to me with, wow, all of you carried guns!”

Martha told me that she was expecting to return to

Minneapolis in April, especially with some warmer weather.

Martha Reeves, nothing short of being an ultimate LEGEND!

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