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Saturday May 18th 2024

“The Story You Are About To Hear Is True!” ”¦and it is written by or about YOU!

The Communications CHAT of the Backyard Initiative is excited to announce a new, monthly column beginning next month on this back page of The Alley Newspaper.  Every month, we hope to inspire readers of this paper by offering at least one amazing story portraying the acts of kindness, courage and caring that occur each and everyday in the area called the “Backyard”.

There are 45,000 people within 15,000 households in the Backyard area (one square mile arounf the Midtown Exchange)  Can you imagine the volume of stories that must be sizzling beneath the surface just waiting to be told? ”¦. Stories of compassionate neighbors who do something nice for someone else day after day.  Stories of courage about people who face incredible hurdles but love their children passionately, keep them safe and help other people”'s children, too.  Stories of youth who are meeting with great success in school or contributing to their community with wonderful art.  These stories of friends, neighbors and family members demonstrate the valuable contributions to the wellness of another person, family or entire block.

Surely each and every one of us knows at least one person, one story that deserves to be told.  Let”'s tell each other those stories to both pay tribute to that person but also to this community of people so that we may lift up the efforts to contribute to the wellness of our community.  The Alley Newspaper appears monthly so that is only 12 issues a year.  Certainly, we should have no problem finding that number of stories times ten!  But, we had better get busy because there are so many stories to be told.

You can email your story of 500 or less words to or you can mail it to: Alley Communications, Inc., PO Box 7006, Mpls., MN 55407.  If you have any questions or need any help or encouragement, please call Harvey at 612-990-4022.

Let the stories begin!

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