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Friday July 19th 2024

Tough Love & Anarchists

by Peter Molenaar

Just south of Lake Street and just west of Chicago Avenue, there appears to be a significant block of resistance to the home foreclosure crisis. Bobby Hull, Vietnam War vet and life-long worker, will not be moved. Quite right: face death, pay taxes, pay the Man, have your home equity stripped, bail out the banksters, and then face eviction. The Occupy Movement is now mobilized to defend the Hull family.

Yes, folks, the Occupy forces have retreated from the downtown “Peoples”' Plaza”, but yet meet continuously, are active on many fronts, and will reclaim territory come spring.

Blustery late afternoon, February 17th”¦

A celebratory street festival was under way in front of the Hull residence ”” such a fine sequence of Hip Hop artists and speakers it was. Excellent work, but here is the catch: In no small measure the event must be credited to young people who identify as “Anarchists”. Lucky for me, I tended an outdoor fire with wood purchased by my own labor. So then, love and unity prevailed.

Note: The Anarchist youth advance a culture which features all body types and skin tones””totally cool.

But what? Dear anarchists, we have a profound disagreement with regard to your strategic orientation. Read on, please. It is not enough to merely “smash the state” as your slogan suggests. Sorry, but no. Necessity will soon require the imposition of a “workers”' state” to enforce laws which will correspond to an evolving socialist society upon a fragile planet.

Nevertheless, our Anarchist youth have demonstrated a cultural achievement of lasting significance. However, the question remains: Are they true revolutionaries?

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