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Sunday May 19th 2024

Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Improvement Association News

By Dan Wilder

I am happy to report that at our March monthly members meeting the Midtown Phillips neighborhood voted to support a plan to put a streetcar on the Midtown Greenway. We feel it will bring a much needed connection to the light rail lines and businesses along Lake Street for all the neighborhoods along the Greenway. You can learn more about the Alternatives Analysis study Metro Transit is conducting this year to review options for the Midtown Corridor on our website

In other news, we have an open board seat that we need to fill on our volunteer board of directors. It is a one year term to fill the seat I left vacant when I stepped into the role of president. I urge anyone who has a desire to help move our neighborhood in a positive direction to come to our next monthly members meeting and run for the open seat. If you can”'t make it in person, please let me know that you”'re interested in running.

If you”'d like to stay informed of upcoming meetings and events in the Midtown Phillips neighborhood, you should check out our new website at On the website you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter, through which you can receive previous board meeting minutes and an update on what we”'re working on. Also please pass along any announcements you”'d like us to post on the web. (Oh, and don”'t forget to “Like” us on Facebook too at

I plan on writing monthly updates in the Alley from now on. Until next time, I look forward to working with you to make Midtown Phillips a vibrant and bustling community.

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