Thursday September 29th 2022

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Sportstalk; Farewell Mama

By Ray Jay and Young Dex

This May issue of Sportstalk is dedicated to, and in honor of my Mother and Dex”'s Grandmother, Mattie Mae Jackson, who passed on April 2, 2012. Mother, born December 5, 1927, has been our sports supporter throughout our lives. Even though she did not know a free throw from a dunk, and to her, off sides meant rummaging through the kitchen during non appointed eating times she greatly encouraged us athletically; constantly reminding us to always put our best foot forward.

Filling in for Dad, Cleveland Jackson, who passed on September 18, 2010; of whom I grew up mad at, for never throwing me a football or a baseball, I later in life finally realized what a good father/Hero Dad actually is. You see, Dad had to work all the time to support a large family, work that included 30 years in the United States Army defending his country. Serving, starting in World War II, at the age of nineteen, he served two tours in the war with Korea and four tours in Vietnam. What an American HERO he is!!!

Mother also encouraged us with Sportstalk, saying, “Keep it fun, entertaining and real.”Â  We Love You Mama and Pops!!!!

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