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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Circle of Healing CHAT

The Circle of Healing Practitioners CHAT is a collaborative of Backyard practitioners which includes complementary healers, elders, representatives from different cultural traditions, conventional health professionals and community care givers. Members of this CHAT come together as practitioners interested in creating a more formalized network of people operating in a Community Care-Giving system around Backyard residents.  This will be done by providing a better information and support for healing and reflection about the message of dis-ease. This network serves both the Backyard community receiving care and the healing practitioner community in the Backyard.

The vision behind the Circle of Healing Practitioners CHAT is grounded in cultural health practices and ways of knowing that honor the reciprocal and holistic nature of healing. In order to meet the health needs of the people living in the Backyard, this CHAT aims to empower health practitioners and community members and to connect the community care giving system to the conventional health care system in a more formal and integrative way.

One way the CHAT plans to accomplish the task of establishing a Community Care-Giving system is by holding a series of dialogues about the Integral Framework and its relation to all healing systems. The Integral Framework will serve as a starting point for conversation about how people can practice what they know in a way that is complementary to what other people know. This series of discussions will eventually become part of an official training and certification process for practitioners from various healing modalities and professions who want to adopt a more holistic and community based approach to their practice and so become a part of the care giving system facilitated by this CHAT. The project”'s vision is not based in creating a static system but focuses on building a process-oriented model that will continue to evolve and grow. The network will create a model of partnering between health care and community care practitioners.

If you are a health care practitioner and would like to learn more or get involved in the Circle of Healing CHAT, please call the Cultural Wellness Center at 612-721-5745.

Circle of Healing CHAT Members: Farhio Khalif, Antonia Apolinario, AkhmiriSekhr-Ra, Atum Azzahir, Berta Ruiz, Cara Carlson, Debra Jacoway, Dian Long, Fatima Mohamed, Fardousa Yusuf, Farhio Khalif, Janet Dalhem, June Bouye, Kaija Sivongsay, Khusaba Seka, Mark Anderson, Maryrose Dolezal, Miski Abdule, Pam White, Semerit Seankh-ka, Tara Chadwick, Mau Jernigan, Panya

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