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Friday March 1st 2024

A Human President

By Peter Molenaar

There are many among us whose spiritual outlook has been staked to the possibility of a successful Obama presidency. As for me, even in moments of disappointment, I have attempted to “walk in his shoes”. In truth, this column has several times made the point: It is the mean spirited politics of the dying capitalist system which fails us ”“ it is not the president who has failed.

But what?

The “left-sectarians” among us began their attacks the day after the first election. How nicely their words dove-tailed with the right-wing racists whose mission of sabotage commenced that day as well.

Nevertheless, those who had not completely lost heart felt free to weep as the president spoke of Trayvon Martin. Yes, a moral complexity was alluded to, but more importantly, the response of African Americans and their supporters was understood within the historic context. The president saw his own face in the face of Trayvon.

Our president:

“When I talk to Malia and Sasha and I listen to their friends and I see them interact, they”'re better than we are ”“ they”'re better than we were ”“ on these issues. And that”'s true in every community that I”'ve visited all across the country.”

In other words?

The developing multi-racial unity required to overthrow monster capitalism has been recognized. Obama remains human and one day soon will walk among us. Those who elected him stand vindicated.

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