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Saturday March 2nd 2024

Monarch butterflies matter! ”¦ the birth details of “The Monarch”'s” greatgrandson doesn”'t matter!

Monarch butterflies matter! They bring beauty and serenity to an otherwise chaotic world. Their primary food source is milk weed. Ignorant people have declared milkweed to be a noxious weed and are conducting massive eradication programs throughout the central portion of the country from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. This has resulted in an alarming decrease in Monarch populations!

Plant and nurture milkweed somewhere in your yard. It is NOT a noxious weed and does no harm although some people may consider it unsightly.

It is past time that we become concerned with our biosphere and not just bullets in foreign lands and the sex of the new Royal baby!!!

Sent from Syd MacLean [a voice from the past in Phillips]

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