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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Museum in the Streets 5 reasons to explore

By Holly Harrison

Lake Street is never short on shopping, dining, and festivals., There”'s one activity available 24/7. The Museum in the Streets””over 70 plaques spread along 5 miles that picture and describe places of historical interest.

1. You can become a Lake Street history buff in one day. Lake Street has seen it all. After a little walking and reading, you”'ll have had a fascinating glimpse about the individuals, stories, and events that made Lake Street what it is today. A bonus is that you can use this knowledge to impress (or annoy) your less Lake Street- savvy friends.

2. Become a Lake Street 2013 buff in one day. Lake Street is bustling and it”'s easy to miss its treasures while driving. While walking you”'ll probably spot murals and other public art you didn”'t notice before and enjoy a great meal in a restaurant you”'d overlooked.

3. The tours are self-guided. Busy schedule? Luckily you can take in the Museum in the Streets on your own with a handy brochure available at stores.

4. Visits needn”'t be alone. Preserve Minneapolis will give tours this summer.

5. There”'s a free Spanish/English lesson in it for you. All three, area tours are featured in side-by-side English and Spanish, which is both convenient and a sort of time capsule of Lake Street in 2013. Brochures and info available.

Museum in the Street Receives Heritage Preservation Award

The Lake Street Council was awarded the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Award for Community Education and Advocacy for its Museum in the Streets. Donations still needed for costs and ongoing repairs.

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