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Sunday May 19th 2024

Success By Leaps and Bounds “Look if I can do it anyone can”¦”

By Connie Norman

Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center. Wow its June already! I wanted to share another special Running Wolf fitness Center success story with you. This is for all of us who struggle to develop a regular routine of exercise and wellness activities so you can live a healthier life.

Late last November Mr. Jackson came into Running Wolf after being dropped off by Metro Mobility. Mr. Jackson used a rolling walker and had serious one sided weakness and balance issues since a diagnosis of severe spinal stenosis and muscle atrophy a year before. His goal was to get stronger, develop better balance and be able to increase his endurance in walking and standing. He worked out 3- 4 times a week and worked with our trainer to develop a good progressive workout routine. He also was able to use the large Park Board gym in the Phillips Community Center building to focus on walking endurance with our trainer.

One day while he was at Running Wolf- he asked about the other programs he saw in the building. I gave him a tour and he met with the Waite House Chef Austin Bartold ”“ who instructs the 6 week Adult Culinary arts program as well as cooks and serves food daily at the center. He also met with John Richards -Coordinator of the Waite House Urban opportunities-Self Sufficiency programs like the employment services and computer education classes.

Since Mr. Jackson had previously managed several restaurants he was interested in the Waite House Culinary arts program. So he worked with the Waite House Chef and they wanted to make sure he could stand long enough to be in the program. Because of his workout routine at Running Wolf he was able to meet all the physical requirements to be in that program! Then he was directed to the computer classes offered through Waite House and attends them every Thursday. He told me last week because of the computer program they taught him how to use his first smartphone! Mr. Jackson said that he is very grateful for all of the offerings under one roof and the way that all the different programs have worked together to provide health and wellness opportunities with other learning and employment opportunities.

Mr. Jackson said he was happy to have us share his success story with all of you. He says, “Look if I can do it anyone can, you just gotta”' do it on a regular schedule and work hard, it”'s worth it!”

We want to encourage you to try some of Running Wolf”'s fitness classes, like Yoga, Zumba and Cardio-Kickboxing and others! Meet with a dietician to set better nutrition goals for a lifetime! See the calendar for schedule of classes to live well!

Also, Come and tour all of the Phillips Community Center programs! For more information please call Connie @ Running Wolf- (612)872-2388. Happy Summer!

Running Wolf Endangered!!!

Running Wolf needs funding to be able to stay open for the community. Donations of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. Please tell us ideas or comments for funding assistance, too. Please call Connie Norman- Running Wolf manager @ 612-872-2388. THANK YOU.

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