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Thursday February 22nd 2024

e-mail to community Sister Rose: saint among us

Something certainly SHOULD be named for Sister Rose. Perhaps the only “Saint” I will ever meet. What an uncannily moving little lady. When she asked you to be a better person, it was almost impossible to not be.

I well remember when, after giving Rose a ride home, she reached over and grasping my arm said,” I am so happy that my prayers have been answered and God has made you a better person who will help me with Peace House.”Â  I replied that I was not aware I was a bad person but that I promised to help her save Peace House.

I am not sure it took the prayers of a Saint to make me a better person, but I did try to help save Peace House; not the building but the idea.

That old building was NOT Peace House. Just as that frail little body was NOT Sister Rose.          Peace House will continue in a better building that better serves the people to whom Sister Rose devoted her life. That frail little woman of steel and that old building served that idea until they were laid to rest, but the Spirit goes on.

There was no “Demise of Peace House” nor of Sister Rose. The Spirit goes on.

Jim Graham

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