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Thursday June 20th 2024

Too Much To Ask?

by Peter Molenaar

March 10”¦

Lord knows that the industrial grinding wheel imposes an arduous task upon a worker. Nonetheless, I am happy to have returned to Smith Foundry in the aftermath of hip replacement surgery. It is, after all, $20 / hour plus benefits.

Note: in Minnesota, 137,000 children live with parents who earn the minimum wage.

February 25”¦

Hundreds gathered at the capitol rotunda to demand: “Raise the Wage.” Lead by Organized Labor, representatives of constituent nationalities were the featured speakers. The finale featured the song of Ojibwe drums.

March 3rd”¦

The rotunda was again packed. A bright rainbow of dynamic teenagers called for passage of the “Safe and Supportive Schools Act.” No more bullies, please.

March 15”¦

The District Convention of the Communist Party of Minnesota was held. I was elected the first alternate delegate to the upcoming national convention.

March 16”¦

A dinner and dialogue with WAZIYATAWIN took place at the In the Heart of the Beast Theatre. “Wazi” is Dakota, a leading indigenous intellectual and author of several books. The descendants of European colonizers made up her audience.

What Does Justice Look Like?

Establish a land base in Minnesota by transferring public lands to Dakota ownership.

Grant a degree of privileged access to sites deemed sacred by the Dakota.

Delete place names from our map which honor those who advocated the extermination of Dakota people.

My own contribution was rendered by the slogan: Workers and Oppressed Peoples Unite”¦to put the present ruling class out of business.

Are these things “too much to ask?”

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